• Citizens, cops help injured pony get back on feet
    Times of India, 04 December 2020
  • Kolkata: A 10-day-old pony — severely bleeding from the legs and visibly in pain — was rescued by a group of Good Samaritans and policemen in New Town on Thursday morning. It was spotted around 8.30am. By the end of the afternoon, with the aid of doctors and the Good Samaritans, the animal was able to stand on its feet and graze alongside three other abandoned horses that have recently strayed into New Town. According to police, the pony was probably hit by a speeding vehicle near a major retail store close to Axis mall.

    “I was driving down the road with my daughter when I saw the horse lying on the roadside. I informed a few locals and left. While coming back sometime later, I saw the horse still lying there and pulled over. I saw it was severely injured. I immediately called up the deputy commissioner of New Town division and alerted an animal welfare team in New Town,” said Ankur Roy Choudhury, a resident of New Town and a member of the NGO New Town Forum and News (NTFN) that came to the rescue of the animal.

    The senior officer alerted the local police station and help arrived within minutes. “I asked the officers to do everything required to help the animal. It was the local officers’ timely intervention with help from the residents and NKDA authorities that helped save the animal,” said Bishop Sarkar, deputy commissioner (New Town).

    Doctors treating the animal said it had suffered a severe wound and extended tissue damage and would need regular dressing and medical care for a few days. A local resident, Akanksha Pandey, has taken up the responsibility of follow -up medical care.

    “There is a deep cut and a portion of its skin has been torn, injuring the muscles and tissues underneath. We have stitched the wound and have applied some medicine, but it needs regular dressing and medicines which some locals have agreed to administer. Thankfully, the pony was rescued before too much blood loss,” said Debasis Dey, the veterinary doctor with New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) who treated the pony.

    According to locals, three horses had recently strayed into New Town and have been roaming the streets. Sources said the pony was born to one of these horses barely ten days ago.
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