• Abhishek plays drums with tribal people in Purulia
    Statesman | 26 May 2023
  • The MP of Diamond Harbour Abhishek Banerjee arrived to a rousing welcome in Kalloli Block More in Kashipur of Purulia district today to take part in the Jono Sanjog Yatra programme in the most backward district of the state. Senior leaders, including party observer Moloy Ghatak, former minister Shantiram Mahato, Sujoy Banerjee were present to welcome him.

    Local tribal people greeted him by playing dhamsamadol and doing traditional dances. The MP could not resist and walked to the sides of the road and started beating the dhamsa and madol. The Chhau dancers of Charida performed. Soumen Beltharia, a TMC zilla parishad member, said that elderly women waved at Abhishek from rooftops despite the extreme heat conditions in the parched district of Purulia.

    His yatra started from Kashipur Hattola More in Purulia district this afternoon. The first roadshow will take place at Raghunathpur 1 block and the second at Para block. The block, panchayat and municipality leaders will also participate in the roadshows. At Purulia he will stay in tents, where the first party session and voting will take place.

    Forest officials and snake catchers have been kept near the site, in case of any such emergency situation. Residential elephants roam in the area and the hula party members are also kept as standby.

    Common kraits and Russel viper inhabit the thick dense area. Tomorrow, Abhishek will address his first meeting at Hutmura, under Purulia block 2.
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