• Kalyani, Malta varsities hold web fest enlightenment through adult education
    Statesman | 27 May 2023
  • Kalyani University and the UNESCO Chair Global Adult Education of Malta University successfully organized an international web fest centered around the themes of equality, democracy, and people’s enlightenment.

    The collaborative event, aimed to explore and celebrate the ideas of influential thinkers like Dr BR Ambedkar and Dr Paulo Freire, highlighted the role of adult education in promoting social justice and empowerment.

    The web fest, hosted by Kalyani University, provided a dynamic platform for researchers, educators and students from around the world to engage in discussions on various aspects of adult education.

    Inaugurating the event, Professor Manas Kumar Sanyal, the vice-chancellor of Kalyani University, emphasized the importance of spreading the ideals of Dr Ambedkar and Dr Freire through adult education on a global scale.

    He stressed the significance of education in empowering individuals and enabling their active participation in building egalitarian societies.

    The inaugural discussion witnessed the participation of renowned scholars from various institutions, including Prof Godfrey Baldacchino and Prof Peter Mayo from Malta University, Prof Goutam Paul (pro-vice chancellor of Kalyani University), and Prof Ashok Battacharya (formerly with Jadavpur University). Each speaker delivered insightful speeches on the festival’s central theme, enriching the discourse with their perspectives and expertise.

    The web fest attracted approximately 30 researchers from different countries, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for academic exchange. Scholars from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, as well as various European and Asian nations actively participated in the discussions on adult education.

    Each researcher presented their papers, delving into the various dimensions of adult education and its potential for fostering social change. The collaboration between Kalyani University and the UNESCO Chair Global Adult Education of Malta University showcased the commitment of both institutions to advancing the field of adult education.

    As the fest came to a close, participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this vital discourse on adult education
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