• Abhishek's rally continues in Purulia
    Statesman | 27 May 2023
  • Inclement weather and central investigating agencies have not been able to stop almost month-old Jono Sanjog Yatra and a large turnout could be seen at his public meeting in Purulia today to listen to Trinamul national general secretary.

    He had to halt his speech for 15 minutes due to storms and rainfall and directed the police to allow people to sit near him in the shade. “In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, BJP got a seat here. But, can anyone claim that he met local people to listen to their demands.

    All central funds have stopped by the central government after losing the Bengal Assembly polls, whereas the TMC government has gifted the same people Lakshmir Bhandar,” he said. In the last two years, several requests, including letters, were sent but to no avail.

    To snatch the legitimate funds from Delhi there is a need for a protest in Delhi. “There are 12 lakh job card holders in Purulia, who have been denied funds for 100 days’ work.

    Once the Nabo Jowar Yatra ends, the agitation in Delhi will begin. If required, we will stage a dharna for an indefinite period in Delhi,” added Abhishek Banerjee. In Bengal people stand in queues to get social benefits, but the central government has forced you to stand in queues for notebandi first, then Pan-Aadhaar linkage and now again to change Rs 2,000 currency notes.

    But in 2024 the people should stand in queues to press the EVM button and bid adieu to the 10-year-old BJP-led central government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised acche din, two crore jobs and houses for all. But no promises have been kept.

    There are 11 lakh people, denied funds under Banglar Aawas Yojana. Instead, the prices of consumer goods, petrol and cooking gas have become dearer, said Abhishek.
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