• Team India practice jersey change a bid to saffronise cricket: Mamata
    Indian Express | 18 November 2023
  • Claiming politics behind the recent change of the colour of the India cricket team’s practice jersey, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said that attempts were being made by the BJP-led Central government to saffronise the country’s most popular sport.

    Addressing a gathering during the inaugural programme of Jagaddhatri Puja at Kolkata’s Posta Bazar, Banerjee said, “Sab gerua bana diya (they have turned everything into saffron). We are proud of Indian players and I believe they will be the world champions this time. Their practice dress has been made saffron even as they put up a fight to wear their blue outfit.”

    India will play against Australia in the World Cup final at Ahmedabad on Sunday.

    They (BJP) are even painting the upcoming metro stations in Kolkata with saffron colour, she added. “I work, but they (BJP) advertise. When my father and mother passed away, some people approached me asking me to name some institutions after them. But I refused saying my parents would have never wanted it,” the CM said.

    “I have never seen anything like this. Have you seen the upcoming metro stations? They are all coloured saffron. I have seen Mayawati (former UP chief minister) getting her own statues installed. This cannot go on,” she said.

    “You can name things after late political leaders of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, or those from South India. I have no problem with that. But what is this show all about? Such shows give an advantage sometimes, but not always. The chair comes and goes but one should remain in the hearts of people,” Banerjee added.

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