• No graded structure, base parking rates likely to remain unchanged
    Times of India | 18 November 2023
  • KOLKATA: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to keep the parking rates unchanged and call a fresh tender to select an agency to operate them. The move comes after the state refused to increase the rates.

    Sources in the KMC car parking department said the civic body was set to invite a fresh tender for officially fixing the parking rates where there will be no change in the existing parking fee structure.

    "We have decided to invite a fresh tender to select an agency to run the parking lots. Whoever participates in the tender will need to abide by the tender rules. We have decided to keep the parking rates unchanged despite a demand from the agencies that have been running the parking lots," said a civic official.

    According to a KMC official, the rates have been finalised and the tender procedure will end by the second week of December.

    At present, the parking fee for two-wheelers is a uniform Rs 5 per hour with no provision to hike the charge as per the number of hours a bike or a scooter is parked. Similarly, for cars, it is Rs 10 per hour.

    However, a proposal that had been placed and approved at the KMC House early this year had hiked the initial parking rate for the first two hours by two times - from Rs 5 per hour to Rs 10 per hour for two-wheelers and Rs 10 per hour to Rs 20 per hour for cars. Thereafter, from the third to the fifth hour, the rate would have jumped by four times - to Rs 20 per hour for two-wheelers and Rs 40 per hour for cars. Beyond five hours, the increase would have been a whopping 10 times - to Rs 50 per hour for two-wheelers and Rs 100 per hour for cars.

    In shopping zones, the average time of parking a vehicle is between two and three hours. A shopper who arrives in a car would have to cough up Rs 80 against Rs 30 at present. For those who add a meal to shopping, the time spent could be up to four hours and parking fee under such circumstances would have shot up to Rs 120 instead of Rs 40. Those who combine a meal with cinema and spend up to five hours would have seen the parking fee increasing from Rs 50 to Rs 160.

    It would have hit office-goers the hardest. Parking for 10 hours that sets motorists back by Rs 100 would have cost Rs 660. "We have decided to do away with the graded structure that would have put the motorists in trouble," said a KMC official.
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