• Mamata Banerjee: Why saffron practice shirts for Team India?
    Times of India | 18 November 2023
  • KOLKATA: CM Mamata Banerjee on Friday questioned why the Men in Blue wore saffron jerseys during their practice sessions, saying "they" (BJP) wanted to "saffronise" everything. "We are proud of the Indian players and I believe they will be world champions. But when they practice, they have to don saffron jerseys," she said.

    At the inauguration of a Jagadhatri Puja in Posta, Banerjee hit out at the Centre for not releasing the dues of 100-day scheme workers but using funds for "political gains"."Only for gains you are advertising and spending the entire money and not releasing the wages of workers for 100 days. If it was released, they (the beneficiaries) would not have tears in their eyes."

    "A chair is not permanent. What they are doing is for their own gain and for the chair. But the chair will not remain, it will go," Banerjee said, adding: "They are spending the money only on advertisements to make gains by showcasing themselves."

    "I pray for the happiness of all people of India irrespective of their religion... I do not frame any new formula based on religion... When I hear any news of a problem, I take it up. During polls, they create riots," she said.

    "Earlier, Mayawati made statues of herself, but nobody else did. Now, similar things are happening frequently. After the death of my parents, people suggested I make institutes in their name. I did not like the idea as my parents would not like to be remembered in that manner," the CM said.

    "They (BJP) are naming things after themselves. Put it in the name of the country, I have no problem. One needs to remain alive in the hearts of the people," she said. "Even if you make something in the names of leaders of Gujarat or southern India or UP, I have no objection."

    The CM said she had earlier fought CPM and was now battling the party in Delhi.

    Saying all festivals were celebrated in Bengal, Banerjee said she prayed for peace and unity in the country as all citizens were equal in her eyes. "'I am proud to say Bengal is going to lead the country," the CM said.
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