• For better recycle value, pujas switch to durable materials
    Times of India | 19 November 2023
  • KOLKATA: The commerce around big-ticket Kolkata Durga Pujas has not ended with the end of celebrations on Dashami. Many of the creative pandals are being sold - fully or in part - to organisers of other upcoming pujas and even next year's Durga Puja.

    Many of the award-winning pandals of 2023 have been sold to organisers of Jagaddhatri Puja in Chandernagore and Rishra and Kartick Puja in Katwa.Some of the installations may change hands a second time and get used for Saraswati Puja and Durga Puja in the districts or neighbouring states next year.

    "The offers started pouring in from Ashtami after we received some of the most prestigious awards this year," said Somen Dutta, general secretary of Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja, which has sold its much-feted pandal based on the theme of child trafficking twice for lucrative amounts. "We sold it to a Jagaddhatri Puja committee in Chandernagore and a Durga Puja in Cooch Behar to be used next year," he said.

    Leading theme artist Aditi Chakraborty believes selling an entire pandal or parts of it is a reason to cheer. One of her pandals, based on the theme of 'Moksha' at Bakul Bagan Sarbojanin, was sold to Nemai Tirtha Ghat Kali Puja committee in Seoraphuli. Gopal Mondal, a decorator and middleman who bought Bakul Bagan's pandal, said he was trying to sell it again to a Saraswati Puja committee at Ambika Kalna in East Burdwan.

    Haridevpur 41 Pally's puja theme, 'Abogahon', based on Varanasi and its sadhus, by theme artist Samrat Bhattacharyya, was sold to Protibeshi Kali Puja of Teghoria. "I am waiting for a final confirmation to resell it to a Durga Puja committee in Ranchi for next year," said Bhattacharya.

    Sanoshpur Lakepally, which spent Rs 35 lakh on its pandal, has sold a portion of it to a Jagaddhatri Puja club in Rishra. "The demand is more from Jagaddhatri organisers," said secretary Somnath Das.

    For better recycle value, pujas switch to durable materials | page 4

    Kolkata: The high recycle value of theme pandals has made many big-budget Kolkata pujas switch to more durable iron-and-steel structures from the traditional bamboo and wooden frames.

    The colossal pandal of Tala Prattoy that used about 50 tonnes of iron is now being dismantled in a systematic manner. The entire procedure will take at least 45 more days to complete. "Methodical dismantling can give a return of up to 50% of purchase value," said Susanta Paul, the theme artist. Many puja organisers this year have engaged structural engineers to supervise the dismantling.

    The Bosepukur Sitala Mandir Durga Puja pandal, which was made out of 12,000 iron garden chairs, was sold to a scrap dealer recently. "Many Jagaddharti Puja committees had approached us but we were finally unable to make a deal because of shifting hazards of the colossal structures," said club secretary Kajal Sarkar.

    Hatibagan Nabin Pally, which was a sensational hit this Durga Puja with its theme of Sukumar Ray's 'Abol Tabol' and bagged almost all top awards this year, however, has turned down all offers.

    "There were numerous requests to sell our pandal, but we said no. The concept cannot be repeated because we had painted the entire para on the line of the central theme," said chief organiser Dipta Ghosh.
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