• Differences in Nazrul family over ‘Karar oi louho kopat’
    Times of India | 20 November 2023
  • Kolkata: The controversy over the Nazrul song, ‘Karar oi louho kopat’, got a new twist with the poet’s New Jersey-based granddaughter, Anindita Kazi, claiming that her mother’s signature used in the agreementfor “Pippa” was not authentic. In her Saturday night Facebook Live, Anindita pointed out alleged discrepancies in the agreement paper and requested the West Bengal and Bangladesh governments to start an investigation.She questioned the integrity of her brother, Anirban Kazi, who was a witness to the agreement.

    Anirban told TOI that he was open to any investigation.

    According to Anindita, “Please bring the real culprit to book. I am publicly sharing our family details because it is wrong to accuse my mother of greed.” She pointed out that her mother’s residential address was 74H Purna Das Road. “But in the agreement, her address is: 52D Hindustan Park, Kolkata 700029. This is Anirban’s office,” she said. To this, Anirban said, “This address was given for all correspondences since there was no one to receive couriers at my mother’s residence.”

    Anindita also said that according to the agreement, the paper was prepared on September 8, 2021. “But the date mentioned along with Anirban’s signature is September 4, 2021. Interestingly, Kalyani Kazi’s signature does not carry a date. Was it done before the agreement was prepared?” she asked.

    Anirban told TOI that the date issue was a slip on his part.

    Anindita said the signature used in the agreement was “fake”. “My mother’s original signature is with me and in various bank documents,” she later told TOI, forwarding a screenshot of her mother’s “authentic signature”.

    She pointed out that the agreement paper has an account number. “That account was my mother’s but operated by Kazi Anirban. This account’s address is the former residential address of Anirban. It also has two phone numbers. They belong to him. The mail ID is Anirban’s. When I visited the bank with mother’s letter, I was informed by the bank that two debit cards were used to withdraw money from this account. The bank gave me a statement of the funds used from the account. The statements mentioned that she had bought an iPhone and designer wear from boutiques,” she said. To this, Anirban said, “I am open to any investigation on this. The production house had contacted my mother. She couldn’t understand much and asked me to speak. Who will forge her signature?”

    Anindita has also said it was “impossible” for her mother to claim that she was the sole heir of Nazrul. “There are six of us who are his heirs. My mother would never claim to be the sole heir of Nazrul. Also, she never mentioned about this agreement either to me or any of her students,” she said.

    However, Anirban told TOI that Kalyani Kazi did claim to be Nazrul’s sole heir. “She gave away the rights to many recording companies in India like this. I don’t know why she never disclosed this to anyone,” he said.
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