• 300 students write to WB govt for clean air
    Times of India | 23 November 2022
  • KOLKATA: Around 300 school students from Bengal wrote an open letter to the government for its active intervention to ensure their "right to breathe clean air."

    The students took part in an open letter drive organized by NGOs working on child rights along with SwitchON Foundation. The drive is a part of an effort to bring attention to the apocalyptic future of the children inheriting an atmosphere where there is no fresh air to breathe.

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    In the letter, the students sought an immediate intervention of the government to prevent the rising air pollution in eastern India and across the Indo-Gangetic plain. A student's letter read: "I have seen my friends suffer from breathlessness. I have constant cough and cold and can't play outside. I don't like the pollution we are creating and request our leaders to reduce the number of polluting cars and factories."
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