• KMC to help flat owners with speedy mutation
    Times of India | 25 November 2022
  • KOLKATA: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to tie up with registration offices for hassle-free mutation of land and buildings. The objective is to also come to the rescue of flat-buyers, who are often burdened with the share of property tax that the developer of a housing project is supposed to clear.

    According to a KMC assessment department official, as soon as a flat-owner goes to register his/her property, the KMC will be alerted about it by the registrar’s office and the assessment department of the civic body will insist that the mutation of the flat be done at the same time. “The sooner the mutation is done the better it is for a property/flat owner as late mutation means the owner will need to clear the pending property tax dues,” said a KMC revenue department official. A bill was passed in the state assembly on Thursday to clear such a civic proposal.

    The KMC was in a hurry to implement the decision, said the KMC official.

    Speaking on the automatic mutation process, state municipal affairs minister Firhad Hakim on Thursday said, “We are moving towards an auto mutation process. There are cases, in which certain plots were handed over to the Kolkata Improvement Trust, but the mutation of the said land was yet to be done. The deed also remained with the owner of the land. The owner’s heir did the mutation and tried to sell the land to someone. Such confusion can be avoided through auto mutation,” Hakim said.
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