• Kolkata: Breathalyzer tests keep cyclists in line
    Times of India | 26 November 2021
  • KOLKATA: Three fatal and 10 non-fatal accidents in the first 24 days of this month involving cyclists have led Kolkata Traffic Police to carry out breathalyzer tests even on cyclists. The order to test cyclists was issued by Lalbazar on Thursday.

    If found guilty, cyclists will not be charged under the usual Motor Vehicles Act but under IPC 290 (punishment for public nuisance) or relevant sections of the Calcutta Suburban Police Act. “The necessary drink-driving tests have begun from Thursday,” said DC (traffic) Arijit Sinha.

    The decision is one of many steps being taken to stop haphazard cycling on Kolkata roads. “This move is intended to send out a message that cyclists won’t have free passage when everyone else using the road was being hauled up for breaking rules,” said an officer.

    “Carry out breathalyzer test for cyclists too. Anyone found having consumed alcohol above the limit (30mg/100ml) should be handed over to local police...” the order stated.

    Traffic guards have been asked to also impose red light and traffic light violations against cyclists. “The SC has been strict on red-light violations. Hence, we are duty bound to act on cases that cause the maximum number of accidents at crossings. Similarly, we have found that stop-line violations create hindrance to traffic movement,” said an officer.

    As a future plan, the cops have decided on a few provisions under which cyclists who break rules can be charged. “That will include confiscation of the cycle. So far, they are being let off with warnings,” said an officer. Police have also pointed out that vans and carts cannot take advantage by using relaxations provided to cyclists.
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