• West Bengal: Emergency patient wins corona battle
    TimesOfIndia, 05 July 2020
  • KOLKATA: A 75-year-old Salt Lake resident, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 nearly a fortnight ago, was discharged from the hospital on Saturday after beating the coronavirus as well as complex ventral hernia.

    She had developed severe chest pain and breathing distress in the middle of the night on June 19 and was allegedly refused by few hospitals, before finally getting medical care at Ruby General Hospital where she tested positive.

    At the hospital, doctors found extrusion of the abdominal contents (the bowel) through the perforation of the hernia sac due to a long-standing ventral hernia. Laparoscopic, bariatric and GI surgeon Sumanta Dey managed to put the bowel back in the hernia sac under local anesthesia as a temporary measure and put the elderly patient in the ICU. But the actual surgery could not be conducted immediately as the patient was Covid-positive. On the fifth day, the patient tested negative, after which doctors conducted the surgery.

    “It was a challenge to manage such a big hernia both from surgical and anaesthetic point,” the surgeon said. The abdominal wall was reconstructed and mesh repair was done in the three-hour surgery.

    “I am thankful to the doctors and nurses at Ruby. They gave me a second life,” said the septuagenarian.
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