• Dilip hits out at Trinamool over spiralling prices of potato, onion
    Times of India, 05 December 2020
  • Champdani(Hooghly): Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh hit out at chief minister Mamata Banerjee, citing the spiralling prices of potato and onion back home when farmers had a raw deal. Ghosh claimed that the huge gap between field prices last year and the retail prices now had gone to TMC’s election fund.

    “Bengal farmers sold potatoes at Rs 5/kg last year. Now, they are buying the same tuber at Rs 45 a kilo. Trinamool-backed middlemen made the fast buck and built funds for the elections. Modi-ji made the farm laws to chuck middlemen out for the benefit of growers. Farmers here are happy and feel secured under the new law,” Ghosh said, while taking a jibe at the chief minister supporting the cause of farmers at the Delhi-Haryana border.

    He also named some opposition leaders who ran agro-cartels in Punjab and Maharashtra and were up in arms against the new farm laws.

    “Onion-growers in Bengal made a distress sale of their produce at Rs 2 a kilo. They are now buying onions at Rs 85 a kilo. This government won’t allow people to eat staples even. Potato has become costlier than posto, taking away the alu-posto from our meals,” the BJP leader said at Hooghly’s Champdani on Friday.

    Ghosh argued that TMC wouldn’t allow people to have rice and wheat consignments sent by the Centre. He complained how the Mamata government “threw a spanner” on the benefits the Modi government had dished out for farmers across the country, including Bengal. “As many as 14 crore farmers have got Rs 14,000 each under the Pradhan Mantri Kishan Samman Nidhi. There is no one from Bengal,” he added.

    The BJP leader, while addressing the jute mill workers from Champdani, asked if anyone from them had got benefits under the state health scheme. “Have anyone of you got free treatment as is being claimed by the state government? We have hospitals here, but there are no doctors or nurses.”

    Earlier in the day, Ghosh took a dig at Trinamool saying that people in Bengal will become refugees for the second time under this government. “They are out to turn Paschim Bangla into Paschim Bangladesh,” he said.
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