• Dog on runway forces flight to abort landing at Kol airport
    Times of India | 24 November 2021
  • KOLKATA: An IndiGo flight from Agartala had to abort landing at Kolkata airport minutes before touch down after a dog strayed onto the runway on Tuesday evening.

    An airport official said the pilot of a departing Vistara Airlines flight alerted the ATC about a dog on the runway around 4.30pm. The latter alerted the incoming IndiGo flight which then pulled out of the landing sequence, climbed up and went around the airport.

    An inspection vehicle was despatched to check the runway. The team found the runway to be clear and radioed to the ATC to ask the IndiGo flight to land. The IndiGo flight carrying several Trinamool Congress leaders touched down 10 minutes after the scheduled landing time.

    In the past, planes have had to abort landings after jackals were sighted on the runway. The airport grounds has a jackal population that surfaces during monsoon when the burrows get flooded.

    In another incident, a Varanasi-bound IndiGo flight had a bird hit during takeoff around 1pm. When the plane reached Varanasi the bird hit was confirmed on inspecting the aircraft.
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