• Block official to quit job for teaching
    Telegraph | 25 November 2021
  •  Asish Nayek, a joint block development officer in Malda district, has decided to quit his job to become an assistant teacher of a primary school. Sources said Nayek had joined his post in Bamongola block in November 2019.

    “An order has been issued based on a request by Nayek for his release on resignation so that he can join as assistant teacher in a primary school of the Bengal government,” said a source. Nayek’s decision has surprised many as his post is the second-most important administrative officer in the block. As a bureaucrat, he wields more power than a primary school teacher ever can. Nayek will also earn less as a teacher. The pay gap between the two jobs is anything in the legion of Rs 15,000.

    When asked why, Nayek said: “This is entirely my personal decision.” There were murmurs that Nayek took this decision because of political pressure.

    Sabina Yeasmin, minister of state of north Bengal development, irrigation and waterways department, however, said: “We have nothing to say on this but teaching is a noble profession.”

    “We believe he will be a dedicated and committed teacher and help his students to be responsible citizens and professionals in the interest of the nation.”
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