• Alarm over elephant entry in Jalpaiguri
    Telegraph | 26 November 2021
  • A herd of 10 wild elephants entered a locality near Lataguri prompting the local administration to promulgate section 144, that restricts gathering of humans.

    Sources said the herd entered the Lataguri market area around 7 am in the morning. “The herd moved around Lataguri market and it is accompanied by two calves,” said a source.

    The pachyderm’s visit spread like wildfire which brought out a crowd.

    “The administration had to promulgate section 144 , restricting gathering of people, in the area,” said a source.

    Foresters are of the opinion that the herd entered the market from nearby forests.

    Honorary wildlife warden, Seema Chowdhury said: “Recently, two elephants had entered Jalpaiguri town and due to the cooperation of the people of the town , the animals could return to the forest unharmed. We hope for the same cooperation here.”

    Janmenjay Pal, additional forest officer, Gorumara Wildlife department said that the foresters were waiting for sunset to drive the herd back to the Lataguri forest.
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