• Kol: 25k booked for flouting night curbs in a fortnight
    Times of India | 15 January 2022
  • KOLKATA: Cops have prosecuted more than 25,000 people in the past fortnight ever since the new phase of night restrictions was reintroduced on January 2 and special drives were launched by the administration to ensure that citizens wore their masks.

    When it comes to the compliance with night restrictions, cops said that they had observed some changes in the past 15 days. With cops cracking down on motorists post 10am, the number of people complying with the restrictions increased.

    “When we resumed night restrictions this month, we nabbed over 850 violators each night. At present, this number has come down to 700,” said a senior officer at Lalbazar. However, cops said violations increase by 25%-30% in the weekend, especially Friday and Saturday.

    In some pockets of the city, there are repeat offenders flouting the norms several times. The East traffic guard that comprises a part of Park Street and Park Circus has been logging the highest prosecutions, sometimes over 200 a day. The East and Ultadanga traffic guards reported the maximum violations, accounting for over half of the cases. The South guard and headquarters guard also reported good numbers of violations.

    Cops are facing problems to enforce the mask rule. The number of prosecutions and arrests in this segment increased steadily. The past three days, though, saw a fall in prosecutions.

    On January 5, 543 people were arrested for breaking Covid norms and another 389 were booked for not wearing masks. Within the next three days, this prosecution figures went up multifold. There were 844 arrests for the violation of Covid norms and 396 prosecutions for not wearing masks.

    By Friday, the numbers have dipped — there were 522 arrests for non-compliance with Covid norms and 242 prosecutions for not wearing masks. While the average night violations remained between 700 and 750 on weekdays and 750 and 800 on weekends, the daily mask violation number was around 500-550. Around 140 people are being pulled up for spitting on the road every day.
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